Simon RichardsonMBE


Imagine suffering two major collisions which could easily have ended your life.

Imagine the pain you must experience with a broken back, when your body is allergic to everything but Paracetemol and you have to grit your teeth through an unimaginable recovery plan.

Imagine standing on the Paralympic games podium in Beijing 2008, your National anthem playing with a gold medal around your neck, fighting back tears of not just national pride but an emotional journey of recovery, which saw you come back from the brink of death to inspire a nation.

Simon Richardson MBE has an extraordinary story of achievement in the face of adversity. With the odds stacked against him, he’s battled physical and mental pressure at a level many people will never experience in their life. Not only once, but twice.

His matter of fact way of dealing with these crises has seen Simon become a role model for millions of people. Following his accident in 2011, the #SIMONSTRONG concept was born when thousands of cyclists all over the world showed their support for Simon as he fought for his life in intensive care.

Contextualising what a real personal battle looks and feels like, Simon will leave an audience in awe of his ability to cope and fight back to global success, when the chips are down.

Simon’s story will relate to cyclists, businesspeople and young people alike.

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Simon Cycling in an Event