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Simon Richardson Trust Idea

This is about the Simon Richardson Trust I am in the process of setting up with a few other people.

The Basic idea of the Charity will be to help Athletes from any sport and of any ability access surgery where there is otherwise a long delay due to NHS waiting lists.

Most people know what happened to me, but for those who don’t, here is a brief outline:  I was hit by a drunk driver when out training on my bike in August 2011 and left with multiple injuries.  I spent some time in intensive care in an induced coma. After  most of my injuries were sorted out I still had multiple fractures of my back which I was being treated for but my back started to collapse and after scans and test on NHS I needed an operation to have rods in my back.  Due to the way the NHS works in Wales I was in the wrong area to use the specialist that I needed and there would have been a major delay in the operation – a conservative estimate was two years.   I was lucky that I had an interim payment so I decided to have the operation and rehab done privately and I was in the local hospital as soon as I could get in there. By doing this I believe I have brought my recovery on by a long way as I would still be waiting for the operation now rather than recovering.

This is how we think it will work.  It is only an outline at the moment as still working on lots of things and ideas are changing. Those eligible for help would be Athletes who have had a major injury which requires surgery.    The injury must have been caused by someone else and liability established. Waiting time for the operation on the NHS must be over 6 months and/or clinical opinion must support the need for immediate surgery. You would come to or Charity, our specialist Solicitors would have a look through the case and if all is correct you would sign an agreement and we would lend you the money for the operation and rehab which would be sorted by our Physio team. Then once our Solicitors get the money back for you in the form of an interim payment you would then pay us back and hopefully a bit extra for the charity to help others who are in the same situation as yourselves.  The solicitors would of course carry on with your case to the end.

We would hope to have on board in the charity.

Specialist solicitors

Specialist Physios

Case Management companies

Specialist Doctors/Hospitals

Bike companies

Other sports companies

And other sources of Specialists

The main thing that we are trying to find at the moment is a backer with the money to help get us up and running the money would be paid back to them over the long term if they wanted it all back.

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