Simon RichardsonMBE

Official Statement relating to the sentencing of Mr. Edward Adams – 10.15am

After a lengthy process, I’m today very relieved to now have some closure to the legal proceedings against the driver, Mr. Edward Adams , who collided with me whilst I was training in August 2011.

My objective throughout the case was to ensure that other cyclists who may be severely injured in collisions in the future, have a legal precedent upon which to base prosecutions against dangerous drivers. I fully respect the sentence carried by the judge of eighteen months imprisonment and a five year driving ban to Mr. Adams.  My life is now all about moving on. 

There are a huge number of people that I need to acknowledge and formally thank: –

  • -The Crown Prosecution Service for believing in my case and taking it to trial.
  • -The witness who stopped and alerted the emergency services. Without that intervention I could have easily have been at the side of the road for hours.
  • -The Emergency Services who came so swiftly to my aid – I owe my life to the professional way in which the South Wales Police, the Ambulance Service and the Wales Air Ambulance service carried out their duties.
  • -Those individuals in the health sector who are still helping me with my recovery – it has been and will continue to be a long road.
  • -Cyclists across the world who have continued to send me messages of support for the #SIMONSTRONG campaign, as well as the people of Porthcawl.
  • -My sponsors who have all stood by me and offered unconditional help during my recovery.
  • -My family who kept me going, particularly through the ICU stage.  My wife Amanda continues to be at my side day and night and is a rock of support to me.

I have some significant health issues to still overcome following the collision, including further back surgery and long term recovery where my complete effort must be.  I fully intend to battle my way back to elite competitive sport when I am fully recuperated.

With the London 2012 Paralympics now upon us, I’ll be throwing my full support behind the competing athletes from Paralympics GB.  It was an immense honour for me to light the cauldron in Cardiff on Tuesday, to carry the flame in London yesterday and to continue to be an ambassador for Paralympic sport.

Simon Richardson MBE

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