Simon RichardsonMBE

Lighting the Paralympic Flame

The cauldron in Cardiff.

I’m very honoured to be partaking in not one, but two Paralympic flame events.

On Monday 27th August, I am lighting the Paralympic Cauldron in Cardiff out side City Hall at 8am, this will be a great lift for me following several months of difficult recovery.  I really look forward to seeing many of you there..

On Wednesday 29th August at 17:21, I am doing the Westferry Circus Roundabout near Canary Riverside to Canada Square leg of the relay in London, which will be fantastic.  The journey down is the difficult bit for me as I’m still struggling being in one position for any length of time with my back, however this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I’ll be giving it everything to be there and part of the London 2012 Paralympic experience.  You can read more about the Paralympic flame route here and do say hello if you see me.

Back in Court

It will make for an interesting week for me as on Thursday I have the final of the court case of the driver who hit me whilst out training for London 2012 selection.  I hope this will be a landmark case for other cyclists in creating a precedent of how the law looks at such cases where cyclists are involved.    The driver has already been found guilty of dangerous driving, drink driving and failing to stop, the court case will be for final sentencing.

It’s vital with the growing number of cyclists coming into the sport, particuarly young people, that the roads remain safe and a mutual respect is observed between cyclists and drivers to prevent my circumstances happening to anyone else. The roads need to be safe for everyone and it’s a firm reminder that people on bikes aren’t one large anonymous category called “cyclists” they are “people” on bikes, mums, dads, brothers, husbands, sons, daughters, aunties, uncles and friends from all walks of life whose circumstances can be devastated by one lapsed moment of concentration. 

Perhaps my circumstances were more serious given the driver was drunk in the early morning, however distractions such as texting whilst driving are equally as dangerous to cyclists, so it’s important we make the roads safe for everyone that wants to use them.

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