Simon RichardsonMBE

How things are going

It has been a while since I have been on here but I have had lots of reasons which I will run through now for you.

To start with we had the court case to get through which most people know the driver of the van got 18 months inside and a 5 year driving ban with extended test, so that was great to start with.

I have also been through 3 operations since the end of June with the main one being my back operation in October. It all had to be done private due to the state of my back and this wascausing other problems as well. I am now on full bed rest with small bits of physio. I have to have 2 carers a day to get me up and put me back to bed not much fun but has to be done.

In February I am off to Stoke Mandeville hospital to start full out Physio and try to learn to walk again fully and just try and get some strength back in to my body, this could take up to 3 onths but again we will see how it goes if it takes longer it takes longer.

I have now started a really hard part of my treatment I have to come off my painkillers to work out how much and where the pain is so we can treat it, but the withdrawal is hard and I have only just started it.

But on a possotive side I have a great team behind me from the Specialists all the way down to the Carers wh are all great at their own specil jobs



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