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Long Haul

Hi Since the last time I did a blog things have been so up and down, back operation seemed ok but now I have major problems I can say to much incase this gets read by *** insurance. I have had to stop all my physio due to pain and none of my meds working […]

New Sponsorship

Hi Hopefully I am going to do some blogging from now on I have just started to ride for which is a recumbent trike and it is a great feeling to be turning the legs a bit, it is really hard to do it and hurts so much but it has to be done. […]

Thank You

Hi All   I Just want to say thank you to all my sponsors for the help through 2012 and I hope that I will be able to do something in return for them in 2013. Also thanks to my new sponsors who are going to help with the charity we are setting up and […]